When we are young, we dream of big things, and big conquers, but as we age, we find that those once lucid dreams become smaller and smaller. Why? Why do we give up on our pure desire to create a world that we only can imagine? We dream of love, a good job, security, and peaceful existence, do we dream of the obscure, or reality hopefuls?

When we are young, we hope for friends, their color, their beliefs, their race is not a concern, but their friendship is more powerful than any words could ever describe. We dream, we play, we imagine, together as the best of friends. There are no walls, no boundaries, no judgments, just pure friendship.

As we grow, we become part of the cruelty of the world, and further our connections from our side, for the popular, the same color, same beliefs, and just desire to fit in. We lose that pure, potent, committed friendship of days gone forever to history. Why? What have we gained? Did we gain wealth that can never be as we breathe our last breath? Did we gain fame, that is like a fading wishing star? Did we gain power, so that the mountain we stand upon can become nothing more than an avalanche sliding to the remote bottom?

Did we forget to touch a heart, become a blood brother or sister? Did we travel to the depths of hell to gain our worst desires, and forgot our dreams we built as young children with our most pure of friends? Where did our compassion for others go? Do we not feel the pain of others and show genuine empathy? Do we not have compassion for the young who are dreaming big dreams, that we have forgotten? Do the swords of failure stab our minds into oblivion to the conscious reality of time?

Do we no longer place others before us? Instead, we put ourselves upon a plateau of enlightened entitlement, forgetting other’s needs and frailties? We see a pandemic as an indentured untouchable distraction from our desire to buy, push, and power our way to the top of everything we touch, see, or visit! We accept nothing less than our wants, even if it hurts or puts others at risk. For what? A moment in time, far from those dreams of yesterday that we created with our best childhood friend. We demand others to accept our scorched earth approach and screaming insanities and horrific expressions to get what we feel we deserve. We have forgotten compassion and empathy for others in our globe of self-dominance.

Oh, how the path has twisted and turned throughout our lives. Oh, how we have mistaken beauty and esteem for power and glory of a darkened today. How we speak of a snake’s tongue, and breed contempt for others hoping dividing others will empower our self-worth. We have forgotten those days of playing hand in hand with our friends from many years ago. We have forgotten our pureness in dreams and hope for a loving, caring, peaceful life. The winds of time and torrential rainfalls of failure have hardened our hearts and minds.

We speak of the plight of others, through gritted teeth with no pureness of heart, and hope others do not see through our shattered souls. We create the façade of compassion while we detest those in need. We watch people harmed, hurt, killed, and stand by and say, what can I do. We view our freedom to dream our dreams and love our neighbors for the power of a few to become more powerful. We follow like sheep, with no thought of the consequences. But believe our lives are better than before.

When one demands changes to accommodate them during a pandemic, stand by and do nothing as civil unrest occurs in the city after city, they have lost their soul, they have turned their back on the reality of their childhood dreams. We are never guaranteed a tomorrow, but we charge forward without a care, a moment of compassion, or a whisper of empathy. We are judged in total by the character of our souls and actions, not by the car we drive, or the palace we call home, that is sterile and uncaring.

I dared to dream when I was a child. I stay awake and wonder and hope for what can be. I squirm at the negative possibilities of tomorrow if we, as humans around the world, do not remember our childhood memories…



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